Isaacs UK - Consultancy & TrainingWith over 20 years in the field, Isaacs UK Consultants can bring specialist knowledge and expertise exclusively tailored to your goals and your brief through Consultancy & Training.

We offer specific programmes of work for individual clients, from facilitating one-off consultancy & training sessions to more in-depth strategic advisory work; from an empowering key note speech for your conference delegates to one-to-one leadership coaching for your leadership team.

Isaacs UK - Consultancy & TrainingIsaacs UK consultancy & training is delivered by Patrick Dower, Director of Isaacs UK, along with our Associates who bring different specialist skills and knowledge areas. Sessions are designed to be highly motivating, inspiring, relevant, challenging and great fun.

Isaacs UK can offer presentations, consultancy & training in the following areas:

  • Understanding how young children learn, and how creative environments can nurture their whole potential as well as their social, emotional and physical development.
  • Using digital technologies to give young children a voice, consult on their views and help build communication bridges with their families, their friends and their peers.
  • Building our skills in creative and emotional intelligence to enhance our roles as scaffolders, extenders and documenters of children’s learning and development.
  • Mapping the impact of creativity across the Early Years Foundation Stage (England) and exploring specific approaches to enhance the area of Expressive Arts and Design.
  • Understanding brain development and how to use creative approaches to stimulate stronger connectivity in young brains and facilitate positive dispositions for learning.
  • Exploring what builds sustainable and meaningful collaborations between artists, settings and parents, and the role of observation, reflection and review in collaborative practice.
  • Learning from international practice in using the arts for learning, examples from the smallsize network (Earlyarts bigger sister in Europe) and our other Earlyarts partners.
  • Policy perspectives and contexts – understanding better where arts and learning fits within the curriculum and policy picture, and what role it can play in helping to deliver more responsible support for children and families.
  • Identifying case studies and pieces of current research around the sorts of environments, skills and cultures that can facilitate children’s creative learning and development.
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Isaacs UK - Consultancy & TrainingContact us now to discuss how we can help you build an awareness of what works and why, and then see the immediate impacts of implementing this in your daily work.

We will outline our approach, send you a portfolio with recent examples of our work and fees, and give you an opportunity to explore how we can tailor it to suit your particular needs.